Character and temperament

A loyal and faithful dog. Highly intelligent. A natural guard dog. Firm and thorough handling is essential from an early age. Works well in a family environment as long as training is established. Care to be taken around small children purely because of the size of these dogs and the potential to knock young children over.


A french herding breed. A record that was thought to be reference to the beauceron dates back to 1578.

General description

Large, solid and athletic build. Colours are black and tan or tricolour. A short harsh outer coat and fluffy undercoat but longer around hind quarters.


With a tendency to suffer from bloating, two smaller meals a day is recommended rather than one.


The Beauceron needs a lot of excercise. The have been bred to work and need to be able to enjoy time off the lead with stimulated play to keep their minds active.


Weekly is sufficient however more attention is needed when they shed.

Other information

Even as a puppy at 3 months old it can weight 40 pounds.


Average height (dog)
24 -27
Average height (bitch)
24 - 27
Average weight (dog)
up to 110
Average weight (bitch)
up to 110
Average life expectancy
10 - 13
Average litter size
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