Bedlington Terrier

Character and temperament

Fast runners with a lot of energy. They like to chase and dig. Courageous little animals with a loyal and lively character. Usually good with other dogs but can be aggressive if threatened or another dog is trying to dominate.


Originally named the Rothbury Terrier. In 1825 a Rothbury dog was mated to a Bedlington bitch resulting in the Bedlington terrier. Originally used for hunting inc foxes, hares and badgers.

General description

Long pear shaped head and thick double curly coat, the Bedlington terrier does in fact look like a little sheep! The colours are generally blue, liver or sandy. Small, deep inset eyes.


no special requirements


lots of exercise is needed to prevent these little animals becoming highly strung or mischievous. Only let them off the lead in enclosed areas as they do like to chase and like the whippet, are incredibly fast.


Their coat sheds little to no hair but does required specialized clipping approx every six weeks (you can learn to do this yourself). It is not recommended to bath them too often as the hair can become lank.

Other information

It is also an attentive and barking watchdog.


Average height (dog)
16 - 17
Average height (bitch)
15 -16
Average weight (dog)
18 - 23
Average weight (bitch)
18 - 23
Average life expectancy
Average litter size
3 - 6
Bedlington Terrier Stud Dogs (32) Bedlington Terrier Puppies (3)