Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)

Character and temperament

One of the four Belgian sheepdogs. A very intelligent dog with very strong territorial instincts. Puppies need to be well socialized and experienced training needs to be in place from an early age. If you are too forceful with training this dog can become uncooperative. They are fantastic working dogs, great for guarding and police work. They also make wonderful pets as they are protective and loyal and as long as they have been socialized properly, they are good with children.


The first Belgian sheepdog to establish type. Although quite rare in America, Malinois is very popular in Belgian. Primarily bred as a working dog.

General description

A well toned, solid body. Body size is often referred to as ''square'' because the length in the body is similar to the height. A short haired coat with a long tail. The coat colours vary from fawn to mahogany. Some have markings of black on the face and ears.


No special requirments


Long walks daily. Lots of exercise on and off the lead.


Their coat is smooth and short haired making it easy to brush. Use a firm bristle. Bathing them removes the natural waterproofing in their coats so bath them as little as possible. They shed twice a year heavily.


Average height (dog)
23 - 27
Average height (bitch)
21 - 25
Average weight (dog)
55 - 65
Average weight (bitch)
55 - 65
Average life expectancy
12 -14
Average litter size
6 - 10
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