Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)

Character and temperament

As with the sheepdog breed they are loyal and protective. Bonding to one or two people strongly. They need mental and physical stimulation. Socialization from and early age is very important to ensure they get on well with other dogs and children. They have strong herding instincts and make great working dogs or guard dogs. You need experienced handlers to prevent losing control of these dogs.


One of the four Belgian Sheepdogs, named after the village of Tervuren.

General description

Medium sized ''square'' proportioned dog. One of the four sheepdog breeds. A thick double coat medium/long in length. Fawn to mahogany in colour.


Be careful not to over feed this breed, it has been reported that they can have a tendency to become obese and lazy if given too much food.


Lots of exercise needed including mental stimulation and walks on and off the lead.


A constant light shedder, shedding heavily twice a year. Daily combing of their dense undercoat required.


Average height (dog)
24 - 26
Average height (bitch)
21 - 25
Average weight (dog)
55 - 65
Average weight (bitch)
55 - 65
Average life expectancy
12 - 14
Average litter size
6 - 10
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