Border Collie

Border Collie

Character and temperament

A very intelligent dog that is also sensative, making them easy to train with praise. When training in place these dogs are extremelly obidient and excel at agility. They have high energy levels and a lot of stamina. They need socializing well as a puppy to ensure they do not become too shy. these dogs will want to get it right 100% in training and will never tire of trying to please.


The Border Collie originated from Northumberland. Used as a herder beacuse of its hardy, untiring stamina.

General description

This is a medium sized dog with a double coat. The colours can vary a lot from Black tricolour(black/white/tan) and red tricolour(red/tan/white), red and white, but more commonly white and black. The coat texture is also varied from short and smooth to thick and bushy. In general a well proportioned dog.


No special requirements


A simple walk each day is not enough for this breed. They need long walks where they are challenged. Mental stimulation is as important as the exercise so games with balls etc will benefit them greatly.


Regular grooming to keep their coats in good condition. Check ears and coat regularly for ticks.

Other information

One of the most trainable breeds and participates in a lot of agility and performance trials, police work and search and rescue.


Average height (dog)
19 - 22
Average height (bitch)
18 - 21
Average weight (dog)
30 - 45
Average weight (bitch)
27 - 42
Average life expectancy
12 -15
Average litter size
Border Collie Stud Dogs (313) Border Collie Puppies (36)