Character and temperament

They have a very strong herding instinct and protective nature. Loyal and intelligent a good trainable dog. Brave and fearless yet remaining gentle and eager to please. These dogs need an experienced handler to bring out the best in them and control their willful instincts. These dogs are good with children but do need Socializing early. As with all breeds, poor handling of this breed can make them withdrawn or even aggressive.


This breed is an ancient herding breed and the exact origin is not clear. They have been used by the French Army as a messenger and to search for wounded soldiers.

General description

A large muscular body. Long and thick double coat. The coat changes colour slightly as they grow from puppy to adult. Most common colours are black and fawn.


Due to the tendency to bloat, it is recommended that smaller meals are given a couple of times a day as apposed to one larger one.


Working dogs that need a good daily walk.


Briards require a lot of grooming to keep the coat attractive and healthy and more importantly to keep the dog comfortable.


Average height (dog)
24 - 27
Average height (bitch)
22 - 25
Average weight (dog)
Average weight (bitch)
Average life expectancy
9 - 15
Average litter size
8 - 10
Briard Stud Dogs (4) Briard Puppies (3)