Character and temperament

Essentially a working dog that needs mental stimulation as well as physical. A loving nature that is kind and loyal and eager to please. Good to train with a natural instinct to hunt.


Originating from the centre of Brittany in Callac. Today's most popular gundog in france.

General description

Medium sized dog with a dense coat, some feathering. Squarely built. Colours can be white and black, liver and black, orange and white, and tri colours.


No special requirements


These dogs need good daily walks and lots of mental exercise. They love to hunt so will follow scents for miles.


About once a week depending on outdoor activity.


Average height (dog)
19 - 20
Average height (bitch)
19 - 20
Average weight (dog)
33 - 40
Average weight (bitch)
33 - 40
Average life expectancy
12 - 15
Average litter size
6 average
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