Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier

Character and temperament

Friendly dogs that have a great sense of humour and an extremely clever mind. They have strong physical attributes. They love company and hate to be left alone. Mental stimulation is a must and they can cause a lot of damage with their strong jaws if left to get bored. They are calm and affectionate but have been bred for fighting in the past and will react if threatened. Firm and consistent training is required from an experienced handler.


Originally bred for fighting, today are bred as companions. This breed has also been used to herd, as a watchdog, ratter and guard dog.

General description

A strong built muscular dog in good proportion. A short coat that comes in a variety of colours including pure white, black, red, tri- colour, white with black markings.


Bull Terriers love their food so careful monitoring is required to ensure that they do not put on weight.


A good, long daily walk is required.


A simple brush once a week is all thats really required, just to remove dead hair. This breed sheds twice a year.

Other information

Whelping may go on for a while, veterinary assistance is often required.


Average height (dog)
20 - 24
Average height (bitch)
20 - 24
Average weight (dog)
45 - 80
Average weight (bitch)
24 - 33
Average life expectancy
9 - 15
Average litter size
5 average
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