Cairn Terrier

Character and temperament

A fearless and independent little dog. Intelligent and lively so will enjoy training but will need firm, not harsh, discipline. Needs to be socialised with other household pets at an early age as when grown, they have strong chasing instincts. A good friend to children as they are playful by nature and can be patient with them.


Originally used as ratters and for fox hunting in the Western Scotish Islands. They have been known since the 1500's but were not accepted by the Uk Kennel Club until 1910.

General description

A small, compact muscular dog with short legs. They have a double coat, the rough outer coat and softer undercoat. Many colours including black, various greys, red and sandy.


These dogs can put on weight easily so be careful not to overfeed them.


They have a primal instinct to walk therefore will need daily walks to keep them well balanced. They will burn off quite a bit of energy while playing also.


Weekly brushing and combing will help to keep their coats in top condition.


Average height (dog)
Average height (bitch)
Average weight (dog)
Average weight (bitch)
Average life expectancy
12 - 15
Average litter size
4 - 6
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