Catalan Sheepdog

Character and temperament

A loyal and gentle dog that has a calm appearance. They can be very lively, active and intelligent. A quick learner making training easy. These dogs get on well with all members in a household including other dogs and pets.


Used as sheepdogs in Roman times in Spain.

General description

A medium well balanced dog , strongly built and in proportion. Doubled coated, long wavy outercoat and a rough, thick undercoat. The colours vary from grey, fawn, brindle, sable, can vary in shades throughout the body.


No special requirements


They have a herding instinct so need plenty of mental and physical exercise.


Regular grooming is required to keep these dogs looking their best and their coats healthy.


Average height (dog)
18 - 20
Average height (bitch)
18 - 20
Average weight (dog)
40 - 55
Average weight (bitch)
40 - 55
Average life expectancy
12 -14
Average litter size
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