Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Character and temperament

A willful and intelligent dog. Can behave quite independently yet still have an affectionate nature. They do love children but can play rough so supervision is always advised. They like to have company, be it with other dogs or humans. They grow up to be protective by nature.


An American dog that was developed using British dogs. Developed by settlers to work in water retrieving fowl and game.

General description

Muscular and powerful dogs. A thick, Short coated dog that is medium sized. The colours vary from red, gold to brown.


They are good eaters but with all healthy appetites, they need to be watched as to not overfeed them.


Long daily walks recommended. They can develop behavioral problems if not exercised enough. They love water and retreiving.


Once a week should keep this breed healthy.


Average height (dog)
23 - 26
Average height (bitch)
21 - 24
Average weight (dog)
70 - 75
Average weight (bitch)
60 - 65
Average life expectancy
9 - 15
Average litter size
average 8
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