Chow Chow

Character and temperament

Chow's have a tendency to bond to one person. A protective dog that will react if they feel their owner is threatened. Can sometimes be aloof and stubborn. Early socialisation and proper experienced training is important to achieve a healthy, balanced and most of all happy Chow. Breeders have worked hard to improve the temperaments of these dogs over recent years.


Originally used as guard dogs and pulling carts.

General description

A squarely built dog. Sort and compact with a tail that curls over the back. They can be rough haired or smooth haired. The hair colours vary, cream, blue/black, reds and fawn.


These dogs can suffer from bloat so two smaller meals a day is recomended rather than one larger one.


They enjoy a daily walk and like to spend time outdoors. Exercise needs to be controlled well during their puppy hood to ensure that no damage is done to bones and joints.


Daily grooming is recommended.

Other information

These dogs can be difficult to mate and cesareans are possible.


Average height (dog)
Average height (bitch)
Average weight (dog)
Average weight (bitch)
Average life expectancy
9 - 15
Average litter size
Chow Chow Stud Dogs (78) Chow Chow Puppies (3)