Clumber Spaniel

Character and temperament

A very sturdy companion that loves to be with people and will be gentle with children. Although wary with stranger they are not aggressive. They enjoy training and respond well to gentle discipline. They have very good memories and like to please.


Developed by the French aristocracy in the 18th Century.

General description

A heavy built low set dog. Muscular in build with a wide chest and short legs. The main colour is white but can have some browns and yellow.


As puppies they grow quickly so a good nutritious diet should eb in place to ensure correct development. They are good eaters as adults.


They are very laid back animals that will adapt to the excerise of the household. They do love to be worked in a field and would happily be a beaters dog. Careful exercise while in puppy hood to prevent any damage to growing bones.


Once a week should be enough to keep their coat healthy.

Other information

Uterine inertia can be a complication during whelping.


Average height (dog)
16 - 20
Average height (bitch)
16 - 20
Average weight (dog)
65 - 80
Average weight (bitch)
65 - 80
Average life expectancy
9 - 15
Average litter size
Clumber Spaniel Stud Dogs (6) Clumber Spaniel Puppies (3)