Character and temperament

A happy and sociable dog. They have lots of energy that needs to be channeled in the right direction from puppy hood. A properly trained and socialised Dalmatian makes an excellent family pet, loyal, affectionate, and a very capable guard/watchdog happy to defend the family unit if ever required.


An ancient breed dating back as far as 2000bc in Greece and Rome. Used for many activities such as dog of war, border guard, hunting, herding and cart pulling.

General description

A medium sized lean and muscular dog. A short dense coat of pure white with black or liver coloured spots all over the body.


Apart from the possibility that your vet may suggest a low protein diet if your Dalamtion shows signs of kidney or bladder problems, There are no special requirements.


These dogs need a lot of physical and mental stimulation to keep them healthy and happy. A good daily walk with play is recommended.


A weekly brush is generally all that's needed

Other information

Famous for having a Disney film created about them called 101 Dalmations.


Average height (dog)
22 - 24
Average height (bitch)
20 - 22
Average weight (dog)
Average weight (bitch)
Average life expectancy
10 - 12
Average litter size
Dalmatian Stud Dogs (141) Dalmatian Puppies (8)