Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Character and temperament

An affectionate and fun loving dog that generally gets on well with other dogs and children. Barking can be an issue so training when young is important. Dandie's are intelligent but can sometimes be stubborn, generally though, they respond well to training.


Developed in the 17th Century. Some say they are the most ancient of 'pure' breeds.

General description

A long bodied and short legged dog with a relatively large head. Known for its distinctive silky topknot and feathered small ears.


No special requirements. They must not be aloowed to become overweight due to their elongated spine.


A daily walk is recommended and some time to play helps them stay well balanced and happy.


Short medium coat that needs a daily brush. Older dogs need to be hand stripped two or three times a year, usually by an expert.


Average height (dog)
8 - 11
Average height (bitch)
8 - 11
Average weight (dog)
18 - 24
Average weight (bitch)
18 - 24
Average life expectancy
Average litter size
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