English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel

Character and temperament

An enthusiastic, happy and energetic dog. Good with children and friendly with other dogs. Springer Spaniels are very intelligent, they learn fast and are keen to please. They enjoy lots of exercise and mental stimulation and play. They are friendly with strangers but will bark at intruders. An affectionate dog that would fit in well with an active family. Spaniels enjoy working and training, they will happily work and run all day, both out of enjoyment and wanting to please their handler.


Although all Spaniels originated in Spain, the Springer Spaniel was first bred in Great Britain. Springer Spaniels have been used for flushing out game for centuries.

General description

Medium build Liver & white, black & white or any mix of these colours. Can have tan markings. They have a smooth coat which is longer under the body and at the back of the legs and ears.


No special requirements, two small meals a day is preferable. They will get fat if allowed, so treats should be limited.


Lots of exercise daily is important for this highly energetic breed. They have plenty of stamina for long walks. Mental stimulation and play is also important as they like to keep their minds busy as well.


Springer Spaniels clean themselves well, but they need a good groom twice a week (more if working) to remove any matted hair around their ears and under their belly. It is recommended that they are trimmed during the hottest part of the year to help them not to overheat. Regular check's of their skin for ticks or other skin problems is important if they are out in fields daily.


Average height (dog)
12 - 14
Average height (bitch)
12 - 14
Average weight (dog)
35 - 45
Average weight (bitch)
35 - 45
Average life expectancy
Average litter size
English Springer Spaniel Stud Dogs (484) English Springer Spaniel Puppies (27)