King Charles Spaniel

King Charles Spaniel

Character and temperament

A very happy, sociable and loving dog. Intelligent and trainable but can be a little stubborn. They are quiet and gentle by nature and because of that are not always suited to young children but make excellent companions for the elderly. They get on very well with other dogs and household pets. King Charles Spaniels can be vocal and will bark at intruders.


The king Charles Spaniel was developed in the UK and was popular with Royalty, they were named for King Charles II of England. In the nineteen century they made several changes to the breed to make them smaller with shorter muzzles.  

General description

King Charles Spaniels are different than the Cavalier King Charles, they are smaller with flatter noses and more domed heads. They have long coats, that can be straight or slightly wavy. They have particularly more feathering on their chest and their long ears as well as their tails and on the back of their legs.


Two small meals a day is better than one larger one.


King Charles Spaniels don't need an awful lot of exercise but they do enjoy walks and a good amount of time to play.


Unless you want to show your dog, no trimming is required and grooming is simple. A good brush once a week is all thats required.


Average height (dog)
9 - 11
Average height (bitch)
9 - 11
Average weight (dog)
8 - 14
Average weight (bitch)
8 - 14
Average life expectancy
11 years
Average litter size
King Charles Spaniel Stud Dogs (50) King Charles Spaniel Puppies (2)