South African Boerboel

Character and temperament

The Boerboels temperament is calm and stable,often imposing but with an innate intelligence and an instructive nature, which is very reliable.


The South African Boerboel originated in South Africa. The Boerboel is a Molosser Breed. Its purpose was primarily to guard, weather it was around the homestead guarding or out with its owner hunting game.

General description

Nowadays they are seen as a family pet and this is where their loyalty shines through making them fearless yet affectionate and great with children (although no dog should be left alone with the child).


It is important to remember not to overfeed your dog as a large dog does not mean large portions. you will also need to keep protein levels low. They can eat a complete dog food however they do thrive on a raw food and bones diet.


Despite their large size this mastiff breed is athletic and due to its deftness of movement it can adapt to different forms of exercise with its owner, walking, hiking, swimming, agility.


A Boerboel has a short coat and so only needs a good brush once a week and a bath when necessary.

Other information

Any owner will need to remember that due to their character and size they do need a strong leader that will train and guide them through puppyhood into adult hood


Average height (dog)
Average height (bitch)
Average weight (dog)
Average weight (bitch)
Average life expectancy
7-9 yrs
Average litter size
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